The Bi-Ble

So, yes. That big news I mentioned in the last post. It looks like I can officially reveal it now. *drumroll*

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Broody BFF

It’s been a week of refreshing inboxes, waiting to hear back on some novel queries, but there was one email that made me even happier than a ‘we’d like to see the full manuscript’ would: a message from Brooding YA Hero.

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Kelpies, umbrellas and bridges, oh my!

You’d think I’d have slowed down after the chaos of August, but the shameless publicity machine never sleeps. Well, except for when I’m juggling two novel edits, three NaNoWriMo ideas and three short stories. Maybe one day I’ll take time off. Anyway, today I have news about real actual books that you can buy, and some free fiction you can read right now…

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Good news comes in threes

I’ve finally given myself a weekend off, where no writing has happened and the only strenuous activities were a flurry of leafleting, a Doors Open Day trip to Soutra Aisle which gave me a billion new writing ideas and hosting a referendum-covering journalist at our house whose taste in Youtube videos and Cards Against Humanity hands were rather excellent.

The real reason I finally had some proper rest is that I had an uncommonly lucky week for good news.

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